Sales from the Sails

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

“How much for that?”

“How much for what?”

“For the Mist Maiden hair, next to your hat.”

“…Oh…This piece of scrap?”


“It is not for sale, I’m afraid.”

“It’s valuable, but…methinks there’s more to this than meets the eye…”

“It’s a token of goodwill, that’s all-”

“Is that so?”


“Must have come from a far away mountain range, or one of those odd icy caves…”

“It was a gift, that’s all I’d like to say.”

“Well, that is apparent! Mist Maiden hair is rare.”

“I have other things for sale, my good man-”

“Trouble is, laddie, I’m too intrigued…Lads! Come pull up a chair!”

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